Milngavie Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G63 9EH


Artemis is our Steppe Eagle who joined the team in 2003. She is a larger than life character who likes to let everyone know when she is on site.

 Artemis takes part in activity days, corporate work, public displays and historical events


We have 5 Harris Hawks in the centre all with very different personalities.

These versatile birds are the real work horses of the centre and participate in everyhing from flying to clients on activity sessions, doing displays, corporate work, hunting and educational work.


We have 7 different types of falcon in the collection. 

They are used for displays, eductional, handling and promotional work. We have 1 of the smallest - the American Kestrel to the fastest - the Peregrine.


We have 7 different types of owl in the centre. There is a European Eagle Owl which is the largest species in the world but at the other end of the scale we have a White Faced Scops Owl which is one of the smallest.

The owls fly in displays and acivity days. The Eagle Owls have a real presence when you call them in to land on your glove.